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I'm Amber,

a holistic reproductive practitioner, doula, photographer and jewelry artist in Belleville ON. The name River & Moss was inspired by my home where I grew up and still live today on the Moira river, and my belief in being deeply connected to our Earth and her medicines. My practice includes many things such as reflexology, reiki, energy healing, herbs, full spectrum doula support (fertility, birth, postpartum, as well as loss support.) I have a special focus on fertility and birth, and help women heal their cycles and prepare for motherhood through a holistic lens. I am a safe place, and I mother the mother, because I believe that's what every mother deserves.
Natural health has always been a part of my life, but I was inspired to do this work after the birth of my own son. I wanted to provide women with the knowledge of their own bodies, and help them take their reproductive health into their own hands, and support them through it. 
I am also a photographer and creative soul, and my work consists of birth photography, maternity and creative self love portraits.

Jewelry and metalsmithing is also a passion of mine and I love creating beautiful pieces with natural stones.

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