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Reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied to the feet that puts the body in a parasympathetic response and encourages healing. Each organ, gland and system of the body has a corresponding point on the feet. Reflexology has positive effects to anxiety, sleep, digestion, metabolism, hormonal balance, immune function and the reproductive system.


Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the practitioner uses hands on or hovering techniques to guide universal energy through the palms and into the client. Reiki is phenomenal at healing emotional wounds and trauma, and can be used to treat mental and emotional health, as well as many physical illnesses or pain. It can be used alongside all other therapies and can never cause harm.

Postpartum Support

You can hire us to provide in-home postpartum support that could include, breastfeeding support, food prep, emotional support, housework, or whatever it is you are needing. The postpartum period is a tender and sacred time for many women and families, and is often when the most support is needed. These visits are completely personalized and unique to every client, and can be just a couple, or regular visits. We can meet and discuss what kind of support you are looking for.

Birth Preparation

We offer in home and personalized birth preparation sessions that focus on birth education, medical options, fear release, options like hypnobirthing and comfort measures so that couples can feel empowered and prepared for their upcoming birth, even without the presence of a doula. 

Birth Doula

We support expecting parents by educating them about their options for their informed decision making process, emotionally supporting them, and practically preparing for labour. We also provide emotional and physical support throughout the entirety of labour and early postpartum. We are here for you no matter how you want to birth, and believe everyone deserves to have an empowered birth experience.

Birth Photography

Have your birth story captured in a professional photojournalistic style that you can look back on for years. Photos are taken in a respectable manor as the birth unfolds. We just want to capture your love, strength and resilience in your journey so you can have this incredible keepsake.

Birth photography can be offered alone or added on to doula support for only $300.

Refer to the Birth Photography page for more details.

Fertility Awareness

The fertility awareness method is a method in which you become aware of your bodies natural biomarkers for your fertile window. It can be used to optimize your chances of conception as well as a form of natural birth control. We offer 1:1 support to learn about the menstrual cycle and the basics of the fertility awareness method so women can practice it themselves and have their questions answered.

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