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The perfect way to honour your breastfeeding journey.

No matter how long you breastfed your child for, exclusively or mixed, we believe it should be celebrated. Breastfeeding can feel magical, or it can feel so hard and complicated. No matter how you feel about your breastfeeding journey we want you to know we understand all the hard work, love, and complicated feeling around it. You are doing an amazing job! Why not gift yourself a keepsake piece to honor this special time.

teardrop breastmilk necklace
teardrop breastmilk necklace

Amber takes your breastmilk and turns it into a "breastmilk stone" through a process of drying and mixing it with resin. She then sets it into a piece of jewelry that is hand made by her in Stirling silver or gold options that will last forever. Her experience as a metalsmith allows her to make many custom designs. There are different shapes, jewelry type and bezel setting options posted, but if you have something else in mind, send us a message and we can discuss a custom design.

Silver designs are just $100 for a limited time!

Some variations

You can add more than just breastmilk.

Other elements can be added to these creations such as hair, dried umbilical cord, or other sentimental items. 
Contact us if you have something special you want included.

breastmilk jewelry in packaging

Send us a message and we can talk about the perfect keepsake for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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