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I'm Emma,


a dedicated guide to holistic well-being on your reproductive journey. As a compassionate holistic reproductive practitioner I specialize in reflexology, Reiki, birth and womb healing modalities.


I became passionate about reproductive health when I was experiencing painful menses that led me down the road of herbal remedies and alternative care. 


I love to share this wisdom and support to other women believing that there was once an interconnected way of being as women and honouring all our seasons and leaning on our sisters for support and healing when needed. 


Being able to support and hold space for any of your seasons is an honour, as I truly believe each experience of being a woman is sacred, and creating a community that can nourish, nurture and support our mind, body and spirit throughout these different phases is essential. 


I support women on a fertility journey of all kinds, including menstrual support, preparation for birth and beyond, nourishing the mother postpartum or after a loss and facilitating in your natural life transitions as we age. 


You will find a friend and advocate, committed to making your reproductive journey a calm and empowering experience providing you with comfort, tools and resources that can further assist you.

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