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Yoni Egg Guide

Welcome goddess and womb keeper,

I am so happy you are considering this deeply devotional practice! Yoni eggs (or jade eggs) have been used for centuries to strengthen the pelvic floor, which we know is shown to improve incontinence and other pelvic health issues, improve our enjoyment of sex and strengthen the intensity of orgasms. They also awaken our sensuality, heal emotional wounds, and deepen our relationship with ourselves, our womb and our yoni.

let this guide help you to choose your very own yoni egg, and give you a quick guide into how to use it.

Choosing your yoni egg

Choosing your first yoni egg may feel overwhelming, lets first look at the crystal qualities.


Nephrite Jade is connected to the heart chakra and promotes protection, peace, balance and strength, especially during difficult situations. It is also thought to be a stone of powerful healing and abundance, increasing wealth and prosperity.There are only 2 forms of jade, jadeite and nephrite jade, nephrite jade being much more of a dense composition and better for use internally. (you only want to be using very dense stones as yoni eggs as some stones are more soft or porous and can harbor bacteria) The color can very between lighter hues of greenish yellow to very deep dark green or almost black/brown. Our eggs are also GIA certified.

Sometimes you will see products advertised as just "jade" without specifying which type, this is a red flag. Always make sure you are wearing "nephrite jade" as a yoni egg.

Rose quartz is our other option and also a very dense stone. The color varies between lighter almost white to a deeper pink, but be noted that rose quartz can lose some of its color when left in sunlight, so its a good idea to keep your egg in its pouch instead of on display in a sunny area. The meaning of rose quartz is all kinds of love and compassion. Instead of attracting love, try using this stone to promote love and compassion for oneself, and see how your relationship with yourself deepens. Rose quartz is attached to the heart and the throat chakra, and can promote soulful healing and is deeply connected to feminine energy.


Yoni eggs will come in sizes small, medium and large. Large being the starting point depending on your existing pelvic floor strength, and small for more experienced users.

If you have had a baby recently, had multiple babies or suspect that your pelvic floor may be weakened, then you would probably want to start with the large size and do the Kegel exercises laying down before graduating to the medium size. This is because you have to have enough strength to grip the sides of the egg within the vaginal walls in order to move the egg up and release back down the canal, and it takes more strength to grip a smaller object.

Sometimes you may feel it is appropriate to start with the medium size right away and skip the large, which is perfectly reasonable if you think your pelvic floor is already in good health.

The small size is for more experienced users and once you have mastered the medium size.

Drilled or undrilled

Yoni eggs will come drilled or undrilled, meaning the drilled eggs will have a hole drilled into it where you can tie a string, making it easy to remove, or you can pull on the string to add a little resistance while doing the exercises. You will need to replace the string each time you use it, and make sure you are cleaning the inside of the drilled hole as well. You should also not use an egg with a string if you have an IUD as the string could potentially get tangled.

Undrilled eggs are just as good and require a slightly different technique for removal that I will go over soon. They also have less of a chance of harboring any bacteria.

*Please note there currently are no drilled yoni eggs in stock at this moment. Please contact me if you would prefer a drilled egg and I will put you on a waitlist.*

How to use

You may set an intention for your egg before use, or infuse it with reiki, speak loving words to your egg, whatever you desire. This is your practice.

To insert your yoni egg first hold the egg upside down so the bigger end is on top, you will be inserting it this way with the smaller end pointing down. In a squatting position, or perhaps with one leg raised, slowly massage with your egg, running it up and down the length of your vulva, and giving it a chance to start to warm up to your body's temperature and feel a little lubrication - you may also use extra lubrication if desired. Remember, this is a sensual and conscious practice, so make you take your time and ask your yoni if it is ready to receive the egg and relax and open your pelvic floor before slowly inserting it.

How you choose to do your practice is up to you. Some women choose to wear their egg only for a short time and do their Kegel exercises to a guided meditation, or a yoga session. Others choose to wear their egg all day and do it intermittently throughout the day. Others choose to wear their egg at night while they sleep to gain the energetic properties. You may find many beautiful resources on how to do your own unique yoni egg practice, but it is totally your choice!

To remove the yoni egg you will again make sure you have fully relaxed and "opened" your pelvic floor in a squatting position. You will gently push or "bear down" almost like you are birthing the egg. For those who have not had children this may feel strange at first, but just think of it like pooping, and opening. If you are using it with a string you can gently pull to help this process, but make sure you are still opening and not working against your body. If you are just pulling the string without the rest of your body's participation if will feel as though it is stuck. It's not stuck! You just need to fully relax and open. This should come out easily, but if you feel it is almost there but not quite, you can usually insert a finger until you can reach your egg and gently scoop it out.

This should not be a difficult process, and remember, it is impossible to "lose" it in there so if you are feeling stressed, try a different position, or take a break and try again when you are feeling warm, comfortable and relaxed.

Wash your Yoni egg with water and a mild unscented soap after ease use. If you are using a drilled egg make sure to remove the string and wash with soap on the inside of the drilled hole with the cleaning brush provided. Dry and store in its pouch in a safe place.

Yoni eggs are not recommended during pregnancy, during the first 6 weeks postpartum (or until cleared by your doctor) or with an IUD. Please use your discretion.

Thank you!

May your yoni egg practice take you to new places and strengthen your relationship with yourself, your body and your divine feminine energy! And thank you the most, Sister, for showing up for yourself and taking the time to read and invest in your wellbeing.

so much love.


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