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doula support, holistic services, photography, and adornments. 

About Us

Welcome! We are a team of holistic reproductive practitioners serving the Quinte area. 

What is a holistic reproductive practitioner? Let's get into it.

A holistic reproductive practitioner is a practitioner who is certified in multiple healing modalities to better support reproductive health and wellness. We are holistic full spectrum doulas, reflexologists and reiki practitioners with a special focus on holistic fertility. 

Make sure to browse our services as we offer many more things such as photography and breastmilk keepsake jewelry and get to know us more Here!


Yoni Egg Guide




Reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied to the feet that puts the body in a parasympathetic response and encourages healing. Each organ, gland and system of the body has a corresponding point on the feet. Reflexology has positive effects to anxiety, sleep, digestion, metabolism, hormonal balance, immune function and the reproductive system.


Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the practitioner uses hands on or hovering techniques to guide universal life force energy through the palms and into the client. Reiki is phenomenal at healing emotional wounds and trauma, and can be used to treat mental and emotional health, as well as many physical illnesses or pain. It can be used alongside all other therapies and can never cause harm.

Birth Doula

We support expecting parents by educating them about their options, emotionally supporting them, and practically preparing for labour. We also provide emotional and physical support throughout their entire labour and early postpartum period. We are here for you no matter how you want to birth, and believe everyone deserves to have an empowered birth experience.



"Amber is an incredible reflexologist. She applies exactly the right amount of pressure to leave my feet feeling wonderful. She's so kind and gentle and allows me space to learn about my body and grow with tools and knowledge that she has. Not to mention her space is so welcoming and comfortable to be in. Reflexology is SUCH a relaxing and regenerative experience."
Heather Litster



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